The fault might lies in the remote controller or the indoor printed circuit board. Try the remote controller on other fancoil and if it work, your remote controller is fine. If the fault lies in the printed circuit board, you need to engage a qualified technician to do repair on the printed circuit board.

The inbuilt electronic circuit board is faulty. It is then necessary to either repair or replace the board depending on the analysis of the technician.

The smell comes from bacteria formed by microbes in the warm dark humid environment in the indoor fancoil unit. Sometimes when the smell is very bad you may need a more intensive chemical treatment to rectify this problem.

Noise is normally generated from

  • Vibration noise resulted from dirty indoor fancoil/ outdoor condenser.
  • Noisy draft resulted from dirty indoor fancoil.
  • Loose mounting of component in the air conditioning system.
  • Faulty parts in the air conditioning system.

In general, it is recommended that residential air conditioners be serviced and checked every 3 months and every month for commercial air conditioner. The duration varies with different usage pattern and other environmental factors. Please seek the assessment of a qualified technician.

One common reason is that the electrical power is not being supplied to the air conditioner. Perform an initial check on your electrical panel making sure that the electrical supply to the air conditioner has not trip. Upon confirmation of the availability of electrical supply, a qualified technician should be engaged to have the air conditioner repair.

You can do some services on your own unit like washing the filter and cleaning the fancoil cover. However, it is highly recommended that you engage professionals such as AcomServicing for a more thorough cleaning.
Chemical cleaning is a more thorough process in servicing an air conditioner unit. It is advisable for those units which are badly clogged.

It is advisable that an air con unit is regularly serviced. Doing this religiously will ensure the performance of the unit which could result to a properly air-conditioned room.

There are a number of causes to this air conditioner not cold situation

Reason 1: The indoor fancoil is dirty resulting in weak dissipation of cool air.
Reason 2: The outdoor condenser is dirty resulting in incapable of producing cooling refrigerant.
Reason 3: There may not be enough refrigerant in the air conditioning system.
Reason 4: There might be some problem with the air conditioning system resulting in non-continuous operation of he system.
Reason 5: The desired operating temperature is set too high.
Reason 6: The air conditioner installed is under-sized.


A normal air conditioner will have water condensate in the indoor fancoil and discharge through a draining pipe to the nearest drain. The Air Conditioner will start leaking water when the drainage piping is clogged / choked. General aircon servicing normally involves the vacuuming of the drain pipe which may rectify the pipe chokage.

The air conditioning system basically comprises of 2 sections. The indoor fancoil and the outdoor condenser. The indoor fancoil simply act as a blower to dissipate the cooling generated by the outdoor condenser. If there is no cool air blowing out from the indoor fancoil, the outdoor condenser might not be working. A qualified technician is needed to troubleshoot on the outdoor condenser.

  • General air-conditioning Servicing
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Chemical Services
  • Repairs and maintenance