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Aircon Services

Acom Air is a professional aircon servicing company in Singapore.
We specialise in aircon servicing, repair and installation of all types of air-con units both residential and commercial premises.

Providing affordable and excellent experience aircon service to all our customers, making sure that their aircon needs are appropriately handled each and every time.

Aircon Service

  • General air-conditioning Servicing
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Chemical Services
  • Repairs and maintenance

45 Days Warranty for Aircon Servicing & Chemical Cleaning. 1 year warranty for labour and materials for installing of new aircon.

We take pride in our work, thats also why we offer 45 days warranty compare to the market standard 30 days warranty.
We recommend doing this service every 3-4 months in maintaining your air conditioner cleanliness and freshness of air to breath in, increase the cooling efficiency of air con.Learn more
Regular servicing should be done on your air-con to keep it running efficiently. We offer yearly maintenance contracts to save you money on your maintenance costs.Learn more
Chemical cleaning is required when an air conditioner is clogged choked with dirty particles whereby normal general service does not help or improve the condition.Learn more
We provide system checks & troubleshooting on your air con units. Common problems including water leakage, breakdown, noise and efficiency of the air con unit.Learn more


In Singapore, aircon serve two main purpose – cooling & air purification. This is very important because of the recent years of haze condition from neighbour country that causes air pollutant. Having aircon help to purify the air that your family breathe in during indoor.

Singapore is a humid country. With a proper and well serviced Aircon, your room can be cool down to your desire temperature to provide a conducive environment for your important work, study or rest.

Your aircon can only serve you well and longer depending on the contractor you are working with. Acom Air is an aircon servicing company, we provide aircon services such as general servicing, troubleshooting, chemical services and annual contract service to both residential and commercial.

When you choose us you are assured of a wide range of services and the guarantee of always enjoying clean and fresh air. Our aircon servicing and chemical cleaning comes with 45 days warranty.

We are familiar with any air conditioner brands

troubleshoot and solve your air con problem fast & efficient.

aircon servicing

Why you should choose our company for your Aircon servicing ?

Our company is being engaged by more than 1000 clients to date, we get our customer from word of mouths. Our happy customer recommend our aircon services to their friends & relatives. We always punctual for our appointment with our client, fix and troubleshoot the aircon problem, on top of that, we also do extra work to ensure the aircon is able to perform at its best in regards to improving efficiency.

1. Experienced Aircon Servicing Technician

We have several years of experience in aircon servicing in both commercial & residential. Our team are friendly and approachable, we listen to our client and also able to rectify their aircon unit issue in very short time. That is also why we provide a 45 days warranty on our workmanship, the highest warranty in the market.

2. We work with all types of Aircon brands.

As mention, we work with over 1000 clients who uses different type of Aircon brands. Our staff are familiar with almost all the brands in Singapore, be it a new or old brand.

3. Highest warranty in the Aircon services market.

We take pride in our work, thats is also why we offer a 45 days warranty on our workmanship because we have great trust in our work. The normal market warranty for aircon servicing is 30 days.

4. Friendly customer service

We believes that customer service is as important as our skills in repairing aircon, thus we always ensure we keep a happy relationship with our clients. We are always available for your aircon services needs.singapore aircon service

Aircon servicing

Acom Air provides professional aircon servicing solutions to clients in Singapore. We are currently leading in the market in aircon servicing. We offer aircon services to both residential and commercial premises all over the country.

We provide value for money that our customers spend on aircon service. Our professionals work around the clock to advise our customers on aircon servicing and present the options that are available to them. Our company will save you money especially on electricity bills because our products are energy efficient and work properly.

Our technicians are qualified to meet your aircon installation, repair and maintenance needs with due urgency and professionalism. They have undergone extensive training and are licensed to operate within Singapore. Their professional experience is unmatched, and this makes them reliable to diagnose and take care of any problems that you may experience with your aircon units.

At Acom Air, we provide a wide range of services from general servicing, repair and replacement, annual maintenance, chemical services and aircon troubleshooting.

General servicing

Our services are affordable. They serve to prolong the lifespan of your aircon. This includes inspecting aircons every 3-4 months to check whether they are working properly. We also determine the extent of damage if any. We check filters for damages and replace them if necessary to keep that fresh air flowing.  Our technicians are qualified and swift to handle all your aircon servicing needs appropriately.

Annual maintenance contract

We are aware that aircons are important to your comfort. We offer affordable annual contracts to our esteemed customers that will save you maintenance costs. To increase efficiency, we provide yearly check-ups and routine maintenance to keep your aircon in top performance.

Chemical services

Dirt will restrict air from flowing smoothly. It will clog the aircon affecting its performance and may lead to stalling or even breakdowns. We know that general cleaning does not produce the desired results. That’s why we recommend chemical cleaning. Our professionals perform routine chemical cleaning to remove dirt, bacteria and mold that are trapped in the aircon. This allows fresh and clean air to flow into the room.

Chemical cleaning is efficient and keeps all the the dirt out and your aircon clean. We offer chemical cleaning services to both residential and commercial buildings at friendly prices and leave our customers happy and satisfied.

Repairs and maintenance

We repair damages to keep your aircon units running perfectly and smoothly. It is hard to tell whether an aircon problem is serious or not and if service is delayed, it could lead to further damage. That’s when you should call in our repair and maintenance crew. Our technicians are trained to fix refrigeration system, electrical systems, air ducts and coils. It is necessary to replace broken parts.

Aircon Troubleshooting

Aircon units could stop working at the worst times, especially when it is hot. You need to call in a qualified professional to perform system checks and troubleshooting to determine the cause of the problem. We act fast to restore your aircon to normal working conditions. The most common problems are leaking refrigerant, ice forming inside the aircon, blowing hot air instead of cold air, bad odour or a loud banging noise. To improve the performance of your aircon unit, you need these problems to be rectified.


We offer our customers the best warranty as compared to our competitors in the aircon servicing industry. Our warranty lasts up to 45 days. Most aircon providers only offer a 30 day warranty. We have faith in our technicians and we believe in the quality of our work.

Singapore is known for its tropical climate. There is much discomfort associated with living in hot and humid climates. It is therefore necessary to install aircon units in homes and commercial buildings.

The air is full of harmful pollutants from exhaust and industrial fumes. Aircon will purify the air and save you costs that would otherwise be used medication.

Aircons replace the hot air in the room by channeling cool air from outside and create a clean and comfortable environment, conducive to work and live in. They control the humidity and perfectly ventilate the room.

Acom Air puts great emphasis on high quality service and customer satisfaction. This model has placed us among the top aircon servicing providers in Singapore.

Why you should choose us

A good business will always sell itself. Word has spread so far and wide capturing people’s attention. We have catered to thousands of customers countrywide and they can attest to the simple fact that we are the best in aircon service. We keep attracting more customers on a daily basis.

We let qualified technicians in our team; only people who can uphold these principles that form the core of our business. We observe punctuality in all our appointments with clients, listen to their needs carefully and offer expert knowledge and services. We are here for your comfort and are willing to go the extra mile to guarantee it. We will ensure your aircon units work in perfectly even under the harshest conditions, and aircon servicing will prolong their lifespan.

In addition, we have reliable partners in aircon providers. We know the best aircon brands in the market right now and can work on any of them.

Customers are the centre of our business. We foster and maintain good working relationship with all our clients. This has earned us respect and adoration; a reputation that we intend to keep. Our customer care personnel are ready to pick your calls at any time. You need not wait any longer to get the services you deserve.


Acom air is a professional, reliable and reputable company. We are renowned in Singapore for our wide experience and expertise in aircon servicing. Our prices are affordable and flexible depending on your needs. Choosing our business today will save you money.  We will deliver comfort to your employees and customers in your business premises and help keep your family cool and healthy in your homes.